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Why is February known as National Wedding Month ~ Not because it is the month of love, but February is the month that couples are putting together the details for their Spring & Summer weddings!! So much goes into a wedding and making your day amazing, beautiful, memorable and magical means lots of planning and preparation. Below are just a few things that a couple may include in their preparations and perhaps if you have a family member or friend getting married sometime soon, these could be helpful for you when chatting about her big day!!

Bridal Showers Or Tea Party Showers ~ 

For many family and friends of the bride, planning the Bridal Shower is a key component of the wedding process. What’s the latest trend in these celebrations? Tea party showers! There are more opportunities to create a unique event with a bridal shower. For example, you could plan a casual gathering among close friends, or an all-out formal event. The great idea behind tea parties is that they can be either. For brides with simple, more laid-back tastes, having a tea party in one’s home might be best. If this is the case, there are great tips all over the internet on how to pick out tablecloths, china and even where to order some genuine British scones! If your bride has more extravagant tastes, it might be a good idea to look into tea rooms in your area. Tea rooms can offer larger spaces, more variety and a more formal atmosphere.

Will Your Wedding Be Over A Holiday Weekend ~ 

Sometimes a couple may want their wedding over a holiday so more people are able to attend and others avoid it. Should you be able to set aside a block of rooms for your guests will make it easier, but remember to book them early as they will fill up fast.

Designate A Person For All The Tasks ~

Are you working with a wedding coordinator or planner? If not, you will need to designate your family & friends to help out with certain things! Being really organized is a great way to make sure everything runs smoothly and provide a list of your day to the wedding party so everyone knows exactly where to be and when. Utilize your maid of honor and your bridesmaids for help along the way. And don’t forget to ask the groomsmen for help too.

Choosing Your Vendors ~ Caterer, Florist, Photographer, DJ, Videographer, Musician(s), etc

Getting referrals is always a good choice and should you have already met these vendors at another wedding, that can be especially helpful. Or if you have a wedding coordinator or planner, be sure to ask them for their advice on people they may already know or have worked with. Sometimes the resort or venue has a list of vendors too!

These are just a few key areas to focus in on, but know that whatever you do for your wedding, making it fun is the most important part. It is your day to create and cherish for many many years. I wish you only the best!! Happy planning and celebrating & should you know of anyone looking for a wedding photographer, please pass my name & number to them. I am booking for 2015 & 2016 weddings and would love to talk with them about their special day!! http://creativeimagesoflife.com / 541-948-3195.


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