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Any event takes planning, time, money and energy. Some events are small, some rather large and in order for them to be successful, it depends on the chosen vendors, location, day & time and a few other key items. I have photographed dozens of events and have seen their success and failures. I always want the event to be a success and it can be with a vision in mind! Details of what type of event you are having is important, who your guests will be, along with a timeline of the event, such as social hour, sit down dinner or buffet, speakers, dancing, photos, live auction, entertainment, etc. There are lots of key areas to decide and with that you need to choose who will be your vendors for the event. This is another important element to the event being successful as choosing people who were referred to you versus someone unknown, what type of packages do they offer, will they be reliable, professional and flexible? It is so important to meet with your vendor(s) before the event, to get to know them and how they operate. Will they be the ones on hand at the event or will they send their staff? In the event of a last minute change, who is available to talk to from their company? Will you provide a time-line to your vendor in order to ensure their success as well as yours? All so many reasons to start planning your event as early as possible!!

Now…we all know that there are some events that can be put together very quickly…and with these, the planning is not as vital, however…even small backyard barbecues are nice to have some semblance of organization!!

So, how do you put this all together ~ make a list of the things that are going to be a part of the event ~ food, entertainment, guest list, etc, then write a timeline (even if it is not set in stone), ask those that you know for referrals of local vendors, look up the vendors for reviews, set up some volunteers to help with the event, set a schedule for getting things done and before you know it…your event will be all planned, ¬†invitations will be sent and the event will be a huge success!!

Below are a few photos from some local events that I have done recently!! Enjoy! Should you be in the need for an event photographer, I would love to be considered.

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