Marching for Babies ~ Bend, OR

Last Saturday, almost 450 people gathered to walk for babies… help each baby be born healthy! The March of Dimes puts on events in cities all over the United States to March for Babies where money is raised to help research and resources so that babies can be born healthy. People walk for this amazing cause and share pictures with each other and share the wonderful stories of the sweet graduates who have come so far from the day they were born. Some people walk in memory of and some people walk to honor those sweet babies. This walk shares so much, both the ones who have known heartache and the ones who have grown healthy and strong. There are pictures of them so tiny and holding on to maybe just one finger of their parents and there are pictures of them grown up and smiling knowing that they are so lucky to be where they are. I have had the honor of photographing for March For Babies in Bend for the last 3 years and have so much fun with the wonderful participants who have donated and have shown such amazing support. Thank you to all that smiled for me, waved, jumped for joy and showed so much enthusiasm while walking for BABIES. Below are some photos from the event on April 28, 2012 held in Bend, OR. Enjoy!!!

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Beautiful colors of yarn ~ Gossamer Knitting

Beautiful colors, vibrant yarn and a lovely lady who has created a wonderful place for knitters to enjoy their craft was the highlight of my afternoon. I met Elizabeth at Gossamer Knitting  and she so kindly allowed my camera and me into her very lovely boutique to photograph what I consider art and beauty. Gossamer Knitting, located in a sweet blue building on Galveston is darling from the moment you walk in….the colors greeted me immediately as I took in all the different textures, styles, lengths, books and lovely sitting areas. I thought that this is a place I could come learn and be inspired to start knitting. I had a vision and that was to photograph yarn and hands working with the yarn and what these wonderful Crafter’s were creating…it was all so fascinating to me. As I photographed away, I could not help but want to feel the yarn and enjoy the different textures of soft and light or a little more durable and strong. Being there reminded me a little of my childhood, when my Grandma made beautiful crocheted afghans and ones that I have cherished all through my life. The photos are just a little bit of the loveliness of yarn, but more importantly it also shows a bit of togetherness….ladies creating something with their hands and their own unique styles. Enjoy and if you have a moment…..stop by and say hi to Elizabeth.

Handsome Baker ~ The Bernese Mountain Dog

This last Sunday, I had the treat to meet a beautiful 11yr old Bernese Mountain Dog named Baker!!! He immediately greeted me with his friendly bark and to say hello in his delightful baritone voice. His face is joyful and gentle and his eyes are friendly and sweet. Baker weighs 104lbs and was born December 1, 2001 in Corvallis, OR. His family brought him home when he was 7 weeks old. Baker has some great characteristics as well as some delightful traits such as being known for a ‘counter cruiser’ extraordinaire. He loves stealing food of all varieties and likes to raid the litter box for ‘kitty roca’. (YUCK!)

His loving Mom…Debra says he is the most incredible dog we’ve ever been owned by!!! A few other notables about Baker are that he LOVES to hike. Doesn’t swim, fetch or do any pet tricks besides the ‘high 5’. He was part of a photo shoot for Cascade East magazine in their Winter 2006 issue. Debra recollects that day “We were walking down the sidewalk in the Old Mill and a gal who worked for them came running up to us and asked if my beautiful dog could be in the magazine. Oddly, his paycheck was written in his name! (I forged his pawtograph)” And while he loves his other family members greatly, he’s definitely a “Mama’s Boy” and is often told by his Aunt to “cut the cord”!

But the most profound part of meeting Baker was knowing what he is going through and how hard it is on his family. Baker was diagnosed with Malignant Hystiocytosis on March 20. His first chemo tx was March 28th. He just started on some Chinese herbs to support his immune system and will have a 2nd chemo tx next week. Baker and Debra now attend a weekly pet grief support group through Bend Hospice Partners in Care and they can be found at: Debra and her family were gracious enough to open their home and beautiful Baker to me to photograph all of them sharing some special time together. I hope you enjoy the photos….I certainly enjoyed getting to know this lovely family and Mr. Baker ~ The Handsome Bernese Mountain Dog.





100th Birthday Party of the Lovely Viola ~ Bend OR Photographer

This lovely lady Viola celebrated her 100th birthday a few weeks ago and I had the wonderful invitation to photograph her at her party. Her family was there to celebrate this amazing milestone with cupcakes, a history poster and lots of yummy food and cheer. When I first arrived, the wind was blowing like crazy and I made it in the house with a woosh! Immediately, this warm and wonderful family made me feel right at home with their laughter and hospitality. Then, I met Viola. She is a sweet lady who was darling from the moment I met her. I handed her a birthday card and let her know that I would be taking pictures of her. She smiled!! So…a few favorite photos are posted here to share with you that lovely afternoon where Viola was happily sharing her birthday with a great family. Wishing you more wonderful birthdays to come Viola!!


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