The Albrich Family ~ Bend OR Photographer

I adore this family of four with their wonderfully kind and thoughtful ways!! So when Amanda asked me to photograph their family, I was so happy to be a part of an afternoon of fun! We went to the park and hoped that it would warm up a bit…before the red cheeks and noses appeared. We did our best to stay warm and even ran around with the kids, who offered lots of sweet faces and expressions along with lots of laughs. Below are a few of my favorites from our session!! Enjoy and should you know the Albrich’s let them know that you saw them on this blog!!

Becky ~ Bend, OR Photographer

This sweet lady and I met the other day! Our session was fun and fantastic! I have included this video to share some of the photos from the day! Enjoy!


Imperial Stock Ranch ~ Beauty & Charm

We arrived just shortly after 10:30am on Sunday and even before we drove to the front door, my camera was already out capturing the breathtaking views. It was so worth the drive….about 2 hours from Bend and every bit of the trip had desert, rolling and grassy landscape that stretched for miles. The views of the wide open pastures, some hills and the mountains were wonderful….and as we arrived at Imperial Stock Ranch, I could only imagine what great treasures and beauty were awaiting!  Our host, tour guide & owner Jeanne met us and showed us all around. We were able to pet the sheep and as they came out with bundling joy, the sight of them was precious. Rascal, was one in particular that came to see us and be petted…he was, as were the others, a love. The sheepdogs, CeeCee and Katie kept us company too. Our tour started where the wool was washed and hung. We then walked towards the barn and went inside where the saddles are kept, then moved on to where the sheep get sheared. This was a great area of the ranch and neat to still see wool on the floor. The pens they come through to get to the shearing area are long and narrow, but lovely as the wood is dark, rustic and charming. From there we walked along the property past a few of the places that the ranch hand’s live, along the beautiful tree-lined driveway and on to the historic building on the property known as Imperial Yarn. The yellow mansion is beautiful and has a great front porch. In it is a yarn store with colorful and hand-crafted yarn that is a knitter’s dream! The trip to this amazing and very lovable ranch was a true delight. Below are a few photos from that trip! Enjoy and please visit the link below to learn more about Imperial Stock Ranch and where you can purchase their products!

 Imperial Stock Ranch

Dad & Daughter ~ A Great Duo

The dynamic duo is what I call them…this Dad & Daughter team of two. What first intrigued me was a lovely 13 year old…name Paityn……who was sitting by herself at a get-together and I asked her who she was here with and she pointed to a guy in a blue cap, her Dad. I eventually made my way over and introduced myself to her Dad (Kurt) and and we were talking when Paityn made her way over. You could see just in a short amount of time, that they were similar to other father / daughter duo’s who were pretty much at ease with each other and even included the usual joking in with their commentating! It was perfect! I thought, it would be so much fun to photograph them together at a park and so in talking with Kurt, we made that happen. The photos below are from our session and we had a blast with different poses, fun backgrounds and Ms. Paityn styly’n for the camera!




Bird Festival 2012 ~ Harney County

Each year, I accompany some friends to Burns for the annual Bird Festival, where birds and raptors from all over come to visit. They land on the water in the fields where farmer’s graze their cattle, they land on hay bales and nest, they land in the trees surrounding this wonderful land and beautiful space. There are so many different types of birds, from snipes to stilts, Canada Goose to Ross’s Geese to Avocets. There are ducks and raptors and even sometimes…if you are lucky…an owl! This year there was the Snowy Owl and even though I did not get a picture, my wonderful friend Kelly did. We also had the unique pleasure of seeing lots of Pelicans, but I did not have my camera with me the night that we saw them. Often times when I tell people that I am going to Burns, OR for the bird festival…they ask what is there to do and see? I say there are lovely birds, ducks and people. There are rare sightings that are posted up at the local school…so people can read about all of the birds, ducks, raptors, etc…that are there. This year, was especially nice as we were able to take a tour with a few guides from the Wildlife Conservancy and visit a rookery that had both loons and blue heron in it in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Below are a few links to both Malheur and a video that Kelly took!! It is definitely a worthwhile trip to see all the beauty from the lovely visitors that only happens once a year!! Enjoy the photos below!;id=439012


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