A Safe Place ~ Bend, OR Photographer

I drove down the road and saw this sign that says “We can use 8oz cups and garbage bags”. The sign reads Bethlehem Inn and I turn in to drop off a few items and I am immediately greeted by one of the volunteers. I turn off my engine and open the trunk…and deliver some needed supplies. This great and amazing Inn is a safe place for individuals and families to live who may otherwise not have a place to sleep at night. The Inn serves dozens of people each day with food, clothing, a bed, services and support! Bethlehem Inn is run by incredible people in this community who take so much care with their guests and help them however they can. The Inn could not run without the very generous and energetic volunteers that arrive each day to see that things are done. So, each year there is a volunteer appreciation lunch to thank the amazing efforts of the people who give a little of their time and care throughout the year! Volunteers are always appreciated and should you like to give an hour or more per week to the Inn, please contact them with this link…..http://bethleheminn.org/ This year, I was able to attend the Spotlight on Homelessness Event and had a great time photographing this event. So many people supported this event and made it a huge success. Below are a few photos from that night! Enjoy!





Horses Rescued ~ Bend, OR Photographer

I was invited to visit Equine Outreach, a non-profit organization that rescues, shelters and rehabilitates horses! When I got to the ranch the horses were out in the pastures, in the corral, being brushed and some were being visited by families. An amazing group of kind and caring people care for these beautiful animals in so many ways. They house them, feed them, brush them, walk them, love them and show them kindness. The horses at Equine Outreach have been rescued from many different places under many different circumstances and are so fortunate to have a place that takes them in.  EOI (Equine Outreach Inc) is a lovely facility and very easy to get to in Bend. They are looking for people to adopt these beautiful horse and many of them are on the website with descriptions and photos! Should you be interested in volunteering, there are lots of opportunities to do so. Visit EOI’s website and see more of what they do and how you can help. http://www.equineoutreach.com/ Below are a few photos from my visit at Equine Outreach!! Enjoy!

The Perfect Wedding Day ~ Bend, OR Photographer

You received your invitation to an upcoming friend’s wedding and you are so excited to see what the invitation looks like and all the details of their day. Slowly you open the envelope and read when the special day is. Your mind is thinking about the couple and how you hope that the day is perfect for them! Each wedding is different, unique, beautiful, and what makes it so is the people who share in the day. The weddings that I have had the joyful opportunity to photograph, I realize how much of an observer I am….in this very beautiful celebration. I see the families interact, the friends so happy for their friend who is getting married and how most of the time everyone is genuinely happy on Wedding Day! As I photograph, I see the day through my lens, from the perspective of loveliness, beauty, style and vision. I also see the day with emotion, joy, laughter, love and how the bride and groom shine. When I see it this way, I wonder is this the Perfect Day…the way they wanted it? I look around and see the smiles, the calmness, the let-loose and want to dance the night away dreamy looks….it is with this that I think the Perfect Day happens. With all the energy of the people who have come to participate in the Perfect Day…how can it not be the Perfect Day as everyone who is meant to be there is there reveling in the celebration of a super couple who have found love and look towards the future on this Perfect Day! Please enjoy a few of my favorite photos from when I photographed a recent Perfect Day! Enjoy ~ and if you know this couple, please let them know you saw them here!




Making Mother’s Day Special ~ Bend, OR Photographer

As Mother’s Day approaches, some of us have our plans set, reservations made and a day of celebration just for Mom all ready to go! Some of us have flowers ordered to be hand-delivered by the florist, a card has been mailed or a phone call is how we’ll wish our Mom a very Happy Day! However we choose to celebrate our Mothers’ this year we are bound to make her smile with the sound of our voice or the in-person visit and with these sweet gestures the day will be happy and wonderful……..

Mother’s Day is about treasuring that special time with your Mom or other ladies who are Mom’s. It is our Mom who gifted us life and helped us grow, be the people we are and guide us through the years. Our Mom showed us the way when we needed guidance, loved us when we did something wrong and held us when we were sick. Our Mom taught us to pick ourselves up each time we fell down, smile when we wanted to frown and laugh when times were tough. When you talk or see your Mom on this Mother’s Day (2014), tell her that she is wonderful and even tell her one thing about her that makes you think of her. She will cherish your words, your heartfelt thoughts and this Mother’s Day will be extra special because you did!

Should you still need gift ideas for Mom’s day, peek at the thoughtful & creative gift list below……

  • Handmade Soaps
  • Cute Tote Bag
  • Darling Scarf
  • Colorful Wallet
  • Perfume
  •  Massage
  • Gardening Gloves
  • A Photo Session
  • Slippers
  • Stationary
  • Your Time & Company

Wishing you & your Mom the very Best and Cherished Mother’s Day!!

Smiles ~



Linda ~ Bend OR Photographer

My drive out to Eagle Crest in Redmond, OR was so delightful a few Sunday’s ago as I was on my way to photograph this lovely lady! Linda was relaxed and easy going when I met with her to enjoy an evening photo session. The hour went so quickly that before I knew it, we were saying goodbye! Linda is a sweet and kind lady that helps people feel better each and everyday as an ASEA associate. To see more about what she does visit her website at /http://lindakelly.teamasea.com/ and should you know Linda, please let her know you saw her post on this blog!! Thanks so much ~ Enjoy!!

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