Collection Series ~ Bend, OR Photographer

It is always a treat to get out and explore! I love collecting photos along the way while remembering all the fun that was part of the adventure. There are beautiful rock formations and stunning colors in Zion, UT, an endless exploration of The Red Rocks in Las Vegas, NV, the quiet allure of a organic farm not too far from where I live. So much to see and enjoy and I found that to take it all in…in one big breath is too much, but instead, to take it in through bits and pieces. Exploring our surroundings from small to big allows us to get out of the normal everyday schedule and open our eyes to what is….above us, next to us, in front of us and breathe in the world a little differently. With these photos, I am reminded to stop, even if for a moment each day and close my eyes, take in the beauty that surrounds me and enjoy the wonderfulness of the day.  I hope you enjoy them too!! Smiles ~ Stacie




The Senior Session ~ Bend, OR Photographer

Do you have a high school senior graduating next year? Or do you know of a senior that needs senior photos? There is still time to create a special & wonderful session just for them. What kind of stylized session do they envision? I can help create that creative and unique session!! The backdrop and beauty of Bend and the surrounding area are one of a kind, so think about what fits your graduate!! Below are a few reminders and helpful hints when planning a High School Senior Session –

– Outfit choices….this is very important. Clothing should be well thought out and one that enhances the gal or guy. Matching eye or hair color to the clothes is a great option as it will really pop the colors in the photo. Bring 2-3 tops or outfits to change into to have a variety of images.

– Location….another really important piece of a great senior session. With all that Bend and the outlying areas have to offer for backdrops, parks, urban scenes and so much more, the options are abound for places to photograph. Multiple locations are part of my senior sessions and I typically suggest at least one place that is special to the person, such as a favorite park, downtown, your backyard, etc.

– Hair & Makeup…..this is vital for the ladies. We want your eyes and skin to be eye-catching!! So, we often use a make-up artist to help with this. We want your coloring to be beautiful and stand out in the photos. Hair is important too as the style you choose that day enhances your outfit & makeup! I can help with both of these items…just let me know.

– Distractions…..Often people want to accompany you on your senior session and help with this or that or just be a support for you. It is okay to have one of your friends come along, but know that the session is about you…not your friends.

– A parent wants to come along…..absolutely. If the graduate to be is okay with this, then we encourage Moms or Dads to be part of the session. Sometimes, however it is best to be surprised too and see the photos when they are ready. Each family has their preference, so I say…talk about it with each other and see what works best!

– Product options…..this is the fun part…besides the session of course! What do you want to do with your photos? Give your friends a wallet of yourself, make a 5×7 album for Grandma, have a few images framed for your parent’s desk at work, a canvas print or two for the walls at home? There are many options and products, but I have kept it simple by offering a select few products that most of my clients choose ~ Prints, Portraits (such as canvas, metallic or bamboo) or Albums. When I set your consultation, we will go over what is available. If you are looking for something different, I will see what I can do to find what you are looking for!

– Packages & Pricing…..There are a few package & pricing options! To see what is best for you…please visit my website at: and look under investment. I am happy to create a specialty package just for you! If you know someone who is looking for their High School Senior photos to be done, please pass along my contact information. Sessions are filling up and the deadline for yearbook photos is just around the corner!!

– Images….Below are a few images from a few of my High School Senior sessions ~ Enjoy!

Family Fun ~ Bend, OR Photographer

There are so many reasons that families get together and even more so during the summer! There are graduations, weddings, just wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions and catching up that brings families to join each other for some momentous occasion. This summer, I have had the sincere treat of meeting lots of families…some from here in Bend to others from far-away. There are smiles and laughter and those that are dressed their best. There are young and not so young celebrating, laughing, dancing and having a fantastic time. There are new babies to be introduced and others that could not make it and are there in spirit, but what I so enjoy is…meeting the people who have invited me to be part of their day, their celebration, their family for a few hours while I photograph all the wonderfulness of the day! Integrating into a family is my specialty, getting to know them and what brings them all together. As I photograph the families, there are always important shots to get…..of just the siblings, the generational photos, the grand-kid’s photos, the group photos and so much more. But the candid photos are my favorite, catching someone hugging someone else, a game being played by some of the kids, someone dancing, a few people clustered around talking, or someone making a toast, all of these images are a peek into the moments that will be remembered when the photos are delivered. It is a joy knowing that the memories will be carried through long after the event is over and I hope that I have captured that family togetherness through my photos that will be shared over & over.


A Safe Place ~ Bend, OR Photographer

I drove down the road and saw this sign that says “We can use 8oz cups and garbage bags”. The sign reads Bethlehem Inn and I turn in to drop off a few items and I am immediately greeted by one of the volunteers. I turn off my engine and open the trunk…and deliver some needed supplies. This great and amazing Inn is a safe place for individuals and families to live who may otherwise not have a place to sleep at night. The Inn serves dozens of people each day with food, clothing, a bed, services and support! Bethlehem Inn is run by incredible people in this community who take so much care with their guests and help them however they can. The Inn could not run without the very generous and energetic volunteers that arrive each day to see that things are done. So, each year there is a volunteer appreciation lunch to thank the amazing efforts of the people who give a little of their time and care throughout the year! Volunteers are always appreciated and should you like to give an hour or more per week to the Inn, please contact them with this link….. This year, I was able to attend the Spotlight on Homelessness Event and had a great time photographing this event. So many people supported this event and made it a huge success. Below are a few photos from that night! Enjoy!





Horses Rescued ~ Bend, OR Photographer

I was invited to visit Equine Outreach, a non-profit organization that rescues, shelters and rehabilitates horses! When I got to the ranch the horses were out in the pastures, in the corral, being brushed and some were being visited by families. An amazing group of kind and caring people care for these beautiful animals in so many ways. They house them, feed them, brush them, walk them, love them and show them kindness. The horses at Equine Outreach have been rescued from many different places under many different circumstances and are so fortunate to have a place that takes them in.  EOI (Equine Outreach Inc) is a lovely facility and very easy to get to in Bend. They are looking for people to adopt these beautiful horse and many of them are on the website with descriptions and photos! Should you be interested in volunteering, there are lots of opportunities to do so. Visit EOI’s website and see more of what they do and how you can help. Below are a few photos from my visit at Equine Outreach!! Enjoy!

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