A snowy session with this beautiful family ~ Bend, OR Family Photographer

A quick, yet lovely photo session with this family in our snowy winter wonderland!! Their snow outfits were filled with color and warmth and we enjoyed our session with the snowflakes falling all around us. There is something about a winter session to capture the sweet holiday cheer, togetherness and spirit of the season. These lovely people really shined with their joy, beautiful smiles and ease with each other. The little snowman in the blue suit kept everyone laughing with his cute giggle and sweet waves. Thank you Colette and family for your adventure for our session! To see more of my work or to set up your photo session, please visit my website at: http://www.creativeimagesoflife.com or call 541-948-3195.






Rings and Cakes and Wedding Things ~ Bend, OR Wedding Photographer

There is something sweet about weddings and the photos that are created in those hours of celebration. The happiness, the tears, the speeches, the people, the dress, the cake and rings all put together to make the day magical, memorable and monumental. In these moments something timeless is happening, the buzz, the excitement all leading up to the wonder that awaits. The photos below are just a small piece of the story, but I thought it would be fun to see the rings and cakes of the some of the more recent weddings I have been a part of. I am booking for 2017 weddings and would love to talk with anyone you know looking for a photographer for their wedding. To see more of my work, please visit Creative Images of Life website at: http://www.creativeimagesoflife.com   Enjoy!!


Hallie & Nathan Engagement Session ~ Bend, OR Photographer

I had the sincere treat of being chosen by this couple to photograph their engagement session here in Bend. Hallie called me, we talked and had a great conversation. She and Nathan had recently gotten engaged and they were going to be here for a few days while visiting family. I was really excited to photograph their session and create fun and wonderful photos for them. So, as the session date moved closer, the weather was becoming a concern. I started thinking where could I photograph indoors and still have a Bend/outdoor theme. I reached out to a local lady who owns a horse stable close by and asked about photographing at her stables. She graciously permitted the 3 of us to use her property for our photo session! We felt so fortunate and lucky because the weather was cold, windy and raining with a little snow mixed in. So, with our boots, hats and jackets on we went outside for a few minutes while the weather let up and then just in time, we moved inside. Below are a few photos of our session. Hallie & Nathan were fantastic and joyful and their energy made our session so much fun! Congratulations you two!! ~ ~ Please share this with anyone you know who is looking for a photographer for portraits, weddings or events. I may be reached at:  http://www.creativeimagesoflife.com or by phone at: 541-948-3195. Thank you for visiting my blog!! Enjoy!


Milestones ~ Sam’s Senior Photos ~ Bend OR Photographer

There are all kinds of milestones, from job changes to marriage and those in between and beyond. I am always excited to photograph milestones because these sessions create something unique, a memory of what was happening during that time. These are moments that will be cherished throughout the generations of your family, friends and loved ones. To vividly remember the day, the event, the little things, the big things and to gaze upon the printed photo and have that memory, those memories return is so sentimental and joyous….and that is why I love to photograph. When I was called to photograph a senior named Sam, I thought….a milestone session and one that is so important and to be remembered through the years. Kids graduate, they go on to collage, move away from home, start their own lives and having these images is significant in that journey. Below is a small collection of the photos from that session. I hope you enjoy them and if you have a moment, please leave me a comment…I would love to hear from you. If you know of someone looking for a photographer for a milestone event ~ please share my name or website http://www.creativeimagesoflife.com with them. Thank you ~ Stacie




2015 ~ A beautiful year to remember ~ Bend, OR Photographer

As 2015 comes to a close, I thought it would be a great time to showcase some of the wonderful families, events and weddings that I had the sincere treat of meeting, photographing and being a part of. Each year of business, I am so amazed at the great people I encounter through my photography and how they come into my life with their smiles, spirits and style. This year has been an incredible year with all of these elements and then some. From the weddings to the portrait sessions, every greeting is filled with energy, enthusiasm and excitement which propels me to be even that much more in tune with whom I meet. As I share these images with you, know that I am inspired by the beauty, the love, the timeless creations that each of these images holds for the person that is in them. These are the reasons that I photograph and enjoy, truly enjoy creating pieces that will be treasured forever and endeared always by those that see them.

Should you or someone you know need a photographer, please pass my information along to them! I have a great referral program, lots of fun places to photograph, wonderful product to choose from and an incredible time making your session as you want it!  http://www.creativeimagesoflife.com Thank you so much for viewing my blog and sharing it with your friends and family! Enjoy ~ Stacie





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